Repairs by Skilled Hands

Window Sill

Front Door

Newell Posts

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Window Sill Repair

Stained Glass had been restored now for the window sill

Sill had rotted from results of condensation

Repaired window sill

Repaired window sill





Front Door

Doors were in bad shape, with broken front glass

Trimwork was rotten

Broken corner blocks

Old rotting trim removed, and new pine trim was installed

All ouside trimwork was replace, and new glass installed

Repairs completed ready for staining



Newell Post Renovation

Newell posts at half way point of the stair case had been painted

They did not match the stained posts at the top and bottom of the stairs

Posts to be re finished to match exhisting posts

Posts were stripped down back to the wood grain

The hand rail was ok

All the old paint, and varnish had to be taken off

Newell Posts were re stained to match hand rail and exhisting posts

3 coats of varathane were applied

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