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Need a new entertainment unit, but can't find one to fit?

Need a new table that's just the right size?

Let Skilled Hands build you a customized piece of furniture.

Check out some of the samples below

Pine Entertainment Unit

Another Pine Entertainment Unit

Finished with all the components installed

Drinks cabinet and wine glass storage added to the side

Entertainment Unit & Matching Table

Cupboard and draws on the right end

Finished Unit can be stained any colour

Handy Storage Space

This unit was built deep in size to allow clearance for an older TV

Can be customized to the number of Video's, CD's or DVD's you have

Smoked Glass for an added touch

Small matching shelve unit, customized to fit in the corner

Custom fit shelving utilizing every inch of space

Customized to allow roomfor the big speakers

Magazine rack

Matching Pine Table

Customer did't like the stone, wanted a custom built fire surround

Customized surround will be bulit over the stone wall. Stones at front were removed, and fireplace moved forward

Framing for new surround

Started to install display cabinets with lighting up top

Each cabinet to have a smoked glass door

Pine was used to build surround

Customised shelving to the left and right of fire for entertainment equipment

Wiring was installed for background lighting

Cables installed behind ready for TV

Custom detailing for mantlepiece coloums

Custom detailing for mantlepiece coloums

Check out the lights

The unit gets stained

TV is hooked up

All lights working

Cabinet doors installed

Components put in place

Side cupboard doors installed

at both ends

A Walnut & Claret Stain was used

The finished Fire Place Surround

Custom made entertainment unit, places for 3 front speakers, a sub woofer, xbox, DVD's, CD's, aswell as a flat screen TV

A picture of the unit with it's components

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